New Book by Paul Nadim Tarazi


With this book Fr. Paul Nadim Tarazi concludes a cycle of commentaries on the entire corpus paulinum, a life-long project that began in 1982... [this] book fulfills the key mission of the “Chrysostom Bible” series which is to continue the legacy of this great Antiochian saint and exegete in his pastoral work of teaching the believers day by day and of remembering the enthusiasm they experienced in the first days when they embraced Christian faith, and keeping the torch alive in their hearts. With this collection of books on the Pauline writings, Father Paul Tarazi gives us an update of this typically Antiochian legacy of reading continuously and repetitively the Scriptures, which are, as Chrysostom said, “an inexhaustible source of life” (PG 48: 1007). - Daniel Ayuch