The OCABS Society for the Study of Scripture

The OCABS Society for the Study of Scripture is an international fellowship of scholars, pastors, and teachers dedicated to the love, study, and proclamation of Scripture. Membership is open to all who fit this description, Orthodox or not. Biblical studies students and younger scholars are invited especially to join and will find in the Society valuable resources, including information and support. An added benefit of membership is access to a listserv that will keep share important personal and professional announcements, job opportunities, and other relevant information. Members may also proudly add the OCABS Society for the Study of Scripture to their curriculum vitae.

At present, there are no dues or presiding officers, simply co-secretaries serving in administrative roles who answer to the OCABS Executive Board. There are no other organizational requirements. Members are simply encouraged to keep up the good work they are already doing in the field, with the assurance that there are dozens of other members dedicated to this simple mission. 

Although the OCABS Society has been in the planning stages for some time, its public emergence as a biblical studies resource follows timely upon two monumental events in the world of Orthodox biblical studies in 2014:  First, the blessed repose of His Eminence, Metropolitan Philip, of the Antiochian Archdiocese, whose love for the God of Scripture occasioned His Eminence’s ecclesial blessing for the ongoing work of OCABS; and second, the retirement of the Very Reverend Paul Nadim Tarazi, whose professional career in the study of Scripture goes back some forty-four years, and whose prodigious teaching and leadership has revitalized the Church’s understanding of the Bible through Scripture’s own relentless prophetic voice. It is the hope of the OCABS Board that this Society will amplify and sustain the Word of God in Scripture.

Your request to join the OCABS Society for the Study of Scripture, or any questions you may have, may be sent either to Dr. Nicolae Roddy (USA) or to Dr. Daniel Ayuch (Lebanon), co-secretaries, at We look forward to welcoming you as a member of this significant biblical studies professional society.

Sincerely yours,   

Dr. Nicolae Roddy, Ph.D.    
Professor, Old Testament    
Creighton University    
Omaha, NE  68178  USA 

Dr. Daniel Ayuch, Ph.D.
Professor, New Testament
St. John Theological Institute
Balamand Univ., El-Koura, Lebanon